Register number FI40769/16
Day of birth 04.07.2016
Ataxia Not carrier
ED 0/0
Breeder Sini Korhonen
Owner Sini Korhonen
Holder Max Kolkka

About Virna

At the very moment Virna was born, she won a special place in my heart. She was small, black and vigorous; just like Vaala at the time. Next day my fiance came to visit and I think it was love at the first sight too. I told him he could have the puppy if he wanted but it took him four weeks to ponder about it. When Virna still didn't have a home then, he decided he'd have to snatch this puppy for himself.
Then I asked if he wanted to have the puppy for his own, to be co-owned or to be placed on breeding terms and so Virna ended up being a second puppy placed on breeding terms from this litter.

Virna is also quite a horrible little monster. She is built lighter than her siblings but she has a huge amount of character to compensate. She's also very opportunistic and will take advantage of people by pretending that she does not know how to do something or that she is "afraid". She often runs to me when "papa" tries to do something she does not like. And I really love her wits and intelligence.
Virna also loves to play with people and will grab and hold a toy until the end of the world. Virna learns very very quickly and eagerly and as Max wanted to try different dog sports with her, she seems to be a perfect companion for him.
Max wants to train Virna in at least a couple dog sports; rally obedience, canicross, obedience. Virna will also visit some dog shows.