I have collected all the important info about my litters here.

At the color column small si after the color means that the dog is irish white (consult my genetics article if not familiar with the term)
Dewclaws mean hind dewclaws. R means right hindleg and L is left.


VaalebjĂžnn's Ns Nikko (NO)
HD:A, Eyes: PNK

HD: C/B, ED: 0/0, PL:0/0, LTV0, SP0, Eyes: OK
Sex Color Name Regno. HD, ED, PL Eyes Dewclaws Other
M Sable Hircine FI40764/16 R: Cort. cataract
L: Total cataract
R:0 L:0 - Testicles dropped very late.
- Cataract surgery
M Black Malacath FI40765/16 R:2 L:2 CAC
M Sable si Peryite FI40767/16 R:2 L:2
M Black si Sanguine FI40768/16 R:2 L:2
F Sable Azura FI40766/16 R:1 L:2
F Black Vaermina FI40769/16 R:2 L:2 RTK1, VG
F Sable si Nocturnal FI40770/16 R:2 L:2
F Sable si Boethiah FI40771/16 R:0 L:0 CAC
Notices: This litter had a couple cases of juvenile demodicosis and some puppies had a bit narrow bites. Bites are now good though and never required any special operations.


DK NO MVA NOV-03 Sangrebakkens Fant (NO)
HD:A, Eyes: OK

RTK1 Freia
HD: A/A, ED: 0/0, Eyes: Cortical cataract (-14)
Sex Color Name Regno. HD ED PL Eyes Other
M Sable Frank FIN14702/08 C/B Cat. Suspicious (-09) EH
M Sable Ferrari FIN14703/08 A/A 0/0 Cryptorchidism, neutered
M Sable Figaro FIN14704/08 A/A 0/0 0/0 Nucl. Cat. (-13)
M Sable Falcon FIN14705/08
F Black Fawn FIN14706/08 B/C 0/0 0/0 * OK (-13) VG, LTE: +90 **, spayed
* Unofficial examination
** Finnish character test

Notices: This litter has had some challenging characters. Dogs have softness, tendency to aggressive behaviour (when feeling threatened), reactivity and nervousness which all show mainly when taking them out.