Register number FI20269/18
Day of birth 19.2.2018
PL 0/0 (2019)
Eyes OK (MO, 2019)
Breeder Anne Konttinen & Anne Pesari-Laine, Ratsunummen kennel
Owner Breeder
Holder Sini Korhonen

About Teysa

Teysa was given for me with breeding terms from Ratsunummen kennel. I was supposed to keep one of Tulhu's summer 2018 litter but the breeding failed so I had a place open for a second dog. Ratsunummen kennel happened to have an available girl from very nice combination so just like that a certain wheaten girl moved here.

Teysa is very eager to learn, she loves clicker training and has already learned a lot of different things. She loves people unconditionally and loves to give kisses. She also has springs on her feet and she likes to use them for example when she wants to kill my sleeve and I don't have a toy for her to kill instead...
Being very buhund-like she was very independent at the start. She had no insterest in me and preferred to do her own things however far I went. So we trained control and coming to me with a 10-meter leash and now she comes to me when I call. Birds and other moving things interest her a lot and she would love to go to all the people but counter-conditioning has worked wonders.

Teysa was very young when she first came with us to the "training field" (usually an empty parking lot somewhere) and I hope we can compete in Rally-O and obedience and maybe we will do some tracking too. I also hope I can take her to some shows.