Register number FIN41336/05
Day of birth 15.03.2005
ED 0/0
Eyes OK (2007 & 2010)
Eyes Cortical Cataract, both eyes, moderate (2014)
Breeder Elin L. Bøe (kennel Nesets)
Owner Sini Korhonen

About Freia

Freia is my first buhund and the first dog I have owned. I imported Freia from Norway year 2005. Freia's parents are beautiful Shila and handsome Vikingborgen's Prins Pongo. Freia is from Shila's second litter.

Freia is eager to please and she's a bit "soft" natured. She loves to use her voice and you can often hear her barking, whining, growling, and making all kinds of noises. She loves almost everyone and she can "smile" (show her front teeth when she's happy)

Sadly Freia also reacts to loud noises. She does not panic or freeze completely but for example thunder and fireworks cause her to bark and pant nervously. She can deal with single loud noises, turning only to look at them and then continuing her doings but continuous noises cause nervousness. Freia has given a blood sample to a dog gene research of Finnish dog gene research group. From there she participated to a research where they studied possible gene/genes for noise anxiety of dogs.

When Freia was young she went to an obedience starter course, puppy course and agility starter course. From dogshows she has one CERT and lots of different colored ribbons from yellow to pink.

Now as freia has aged to be a veteran, I started rally-obedience with her. Novice class is now done and we are thinking of starting at open class someday soon. Freia loves to do stuff with me, but she is sometimes a bit impatient. She gets excited and motivated of yummy goodies. When playing with toys, she bites it so hard I can lift her to air with it.

Freia has had an excellent health and we have not needed vet much. One time we got medicine for nasal mites, twice she has had a mild kennel cough and because of an accident she had to be stitched but otherwise vet visits are mainly vaccinations. 2014 she was diagnosed with cortical cataract and it has had some effect to her sight. Luckily it has not really bothered her much.

Year 2007 Freia had 5 puppies with a handsome Norwegian male DK NO CH NOW-03 Sangrebakkens Fant. The litter had 4 sable males and a one black female. The black female I kept myself.